Visits & Tours


KF Centre for Excellence Tour: approximately 45 minutes

Take your time as you walk through the Centre, exploring all it has to offer. Complete your experience with a tour inside the KF Centre’s hangar ‘wings’ to meet the stars of its operational aircraft collection.

Starting in 2023 

Get an inside look at Canada’s largest commercial aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul operation. Tour through the KF Aerospace hangars where you’ll see our top-notch aircraft mechanics working on everything from B737 jets to L130 Hercules, ATRs, Twin Otters and more. You’re sure to see one of KF’s most popular projects in the works: a passenger to cargo plane conversion!

Private tours can be arranged to accommodate your unique needs. Please submit your request to Private tours can range from 30 – 90 minutes.

Schools trips, field trips, etc.

Arrange a tour for a group, class, program or event. Please contact to request a booking.

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