End of Year (2021) Update

We’re excited to bring you a quick recap as we close in on a successful year of construction. With the core building components now in place, the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence boasts a jaw-dropping, larger than life stature!

In October, the ‘fuselage’ building hub was flanked by two aircraft hangar ‘wings’ filling out the facility’s 60,000 sq. ft.  Fun fact: the back wall of each hangar reaches 36ft high and 160ft long. For their roofs, airfoil shaped glulam rib trusses span onto steel ‘spar’ trusses in a nod to traditional airplane wing design.

This month over 80,000 lbs. of steel frame doors are being installed in the hangars, where they will soon showcase an all-star cast of historic aircraft.

We thank our talented design and building team for their exceptional work as we set the stage for a one-of-a-kind visitor experience:

  • Sawchuk Developments
  • Structure Craft
  • Meiklejohn Architects

Check out the photos below, kindly provided by the Structure Craft Team.